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Fully licensed and insured

At Hardwood Repair Guys we are proud to be fully licensed and insured to perform hardwood repair services. We strive to the fact that when you use our services you are assured of dealing with hardwood repair guys who know how to fix your hardwood to the perfection. We are fully insured just in case we cause damage in your home you will be adequately compensated. Check out more about us by giving us a call on 888-311-1622, and we will be eager to answer any question or concerns that might have.


Affordable prices

We are proud to have the best and most affordable prices when it comes to hardwood repair. Our hardwood repair guys will ensure that all your hardwood flooring repair is done in a cost effective many. We check out your budget and advice you accordingly on how our hardwood repair guys can deal with your wood floor repairs. All our materials are of high quality, and they are also affordable. If you need someone to do wood flooring repair for you, home give us a shout out at 888-311-1622 for efficient work.


Professional staff

We hardwood repair guys have a team of ten hardwood repair guys who are working full time. All our team members are certified to deal with hardwood, and they have the necessary knowledge on how to handle the equipments they are using for wood floor repairing. Our office staff is customer oriented, and they are there to serve you anytime you call them on 888-311-1622.

Customers can reach us on 888-311-1622 for more information.

Water damage repairs

At Hardwood Repair Guys we offer water damage repairs on your hardwood. We know that water can cause severe damage to your hardwood floor and once it causes the loss it is important to have your wood floor repaired. The best way that we perform wood flooring repair is by removing that part of the hardwood is damaged then glue and nail and another hardwood to the same exact place. Our hardwood repair guys will ensure that the color and the quality of the new hardwood and the older ones are of the same value. We are more than eager to do wood flooring repair for you home, and you can contact us on 888-311-1622.

Floor scratch repairs

Once your wood floor has received some scratch, it becomes unpleasant, and the best way is to repair. At Hardwood Repair Guys we offer services of hardwood floor scratch repairs at an affordable price. We perform either re-sanding or re-coating. Our hardwood repair guys will perform wood floor scratch repair in the quickest time possible. Wood flooring scratch repair for your home will give your floor that unique and beautiful look. We are more than ready to turn your scratch floor into the beautiful floor.

Additions of hard wood

Our hardwood repair guys are trained to perform additions on you hardwood. We have all the equipments and the knowledge that we need to perform hardwood repairs when it comes to adding another set of hardwood. If you need hardwood repair guys, who will be able to add more hardwood on your floor, you can reach us on 888-311-1622.

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